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Bookings can be made at

Musical Theater Vocal Coaching: $40/hr

Coaching lessons can be used to prepare for roles, upcoming auditions, or  to improve and establish theatrical technique. Coachings are also a good time to build a performer's book; this entails the coach and performer working together to ensure that the performer's audition binder is both complete, and also filled with music that showcases the performer's abilities.

Workshop and Masterclasses: $20-$40/hr

I provide workshops and masterclasses in the following areas:

Book Building
Scene Study
Accompanist Etiquette
Duets and Trios


Middle School: $20 per person
High School: $30 per person
College and Professional: $40 per person

Voice Lessons: $25-$40

Elementary and Middle School Students - $35/hr, $25/ half hour
High School and College Students - $40/hr
Adults - $40/hr, $30/ half hour

Video Accompaniment: $50/hr

I accompany pre-screening videos for colleges, summer programs, and long-distance casting. All music must be emailed to me a week before the video date and performers are entitled to a thirty minute practice session, free of charge.

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